[Rocks-Discuss] How to test my Rocks Cluster

Gus Correa gus at ldeo.columbia.edu
Thu Dec 23 10:25:30 PST 2010

Pascal Weißhaupt wrote:
> Hi,
> i have installed a Rocks Cluster frontend with 2 nodes. Now i want to test
> my clusters cpu performance.
> Is there a how-to?
> Comfreak
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Hi Pascal

The very basic functionality test used to be
(I'm not sure if it still is):

tentakel -g compute hostname

where all compute nodes should answer by printing their names.

And perhaps:

tentakel -g frontend hostname

to see the frontend answer.

"man tentakel" may help you out.


For more serious wrangling with MPI, assuming your
thing is number crunching and parallel applications:

0) Install the Torque roll (my favorite) OR the SGE roll (official),
but *not both*.  Having one of these two
resource managers / queue systems
is peace of mind when it comes to launch and manage parallel jobs.


1) If you have Ethernet only, download and install MPICH2 and/or OpenMPI
in /share/apps/mpich2 or /share/apps/openmpi
Use the --prefix= option
when you configure each of them to choose the installation directory,
otherwise it goes to /usr/local, which is not the best choice.


MPICH2 has Install and User Guides, OpenMPI has a decent README file,
and lots of help in their FAQ web page.


2) If you have Infinband instead, choose among OpenMPI and MVAPICH2:


MVAPICH also has a User/Install guide.


3) Here's a good tutorial to MPI from Lawrence Livermore Natl. Lab:



4) If you want to go beyond, solve PDEs, etc, and want a
toolbox, try PETSc:



I hope this helps,
Gus Correa

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