[Rocks-Discuss] Change default node name

Terry David (tedavid) tedavid at cisco.com
Sat Sep 20 10:57:26 PDT 2008

Do anyone know the ID/passwd for the head node mysql db that has privledges?


- Terry

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David Hoskinson wrote:
> I know I have seen this mentioned but can¹t seem to find it.  Instead 
> of the default node name compute-0-0 etc.  I would like to change 
> ³compute² to something more meaningful to us.  Could someone pass on 
> the file that sets that.
> Thanks..
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As I recall, insert-ethers has an option called "--basename" that you can do this with when you add nodes to the cluster.  Otherwise, I think you'll have to use the "rocks" command somehow, or if you're really brave, edit the mysql database on the head node.


Lloyd Brown
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Fulton Supercomputing Lab
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