[Rocks-Discuss] Journal commit i/o error & Input/Output error

Andreas Yiotis yiotis at ipta.demokritos.gr
Tue Jan 15 06:38:24 PST 2008

I finally had a chance to take another look at this problem and I am now
pretty convinced that you are right.

It seems that this hard disk WD5000AAKS is not fully supported by the
linux kernel and it enters some kind

of power-save mode that results in a journal commit I/O error.
Unfortunately, WD does not

provide any firmware update for this drive so I decided to replace the

Thanx for the tip Larry.




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I had a similar, seemingly random disk problem for about a year.  Not
the boot disk, though.  I was using two Western Digital disks as a Linux
RAID 1 mirrored pair.  It turned out the WD firmware put the drives into
a low-power sleep mode that Linux was not prepared to deal with.  They
had an updated firmware I downloaded that removed the feature.  However,
by then I had already taken the drives out of service and replaced them
with Seagate drives, which have been fine.  You might have a similar
problem with your drives.  Look at the manufacturer's web site for
either replacement firmware or a utility to configure the drive
parameters to disable this feature.  Otherwise, try another brand of


Larry Baker

US Geological Survey


baker at usgs.gov


On Dec 5, 2007, at 2:10 AM, Andreas Yiotis wrote:

Unfortunately, the problem "journal commit I/O error" has re-appeared

overnight. It can't be the HD because I have changed it yesterday.

I am pretty sure now that the size (500GB) or type of the HD is the


I tried with a smaller 160GB IDE disk yesterday (reinstalled rocks) and


System works fine so far.

Any ideas about how to make the large Disk working with rocks?






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I've seen this problem before on a VMWare virtual machine, and used  

the same solution "frontend mem=1024M" as well.





On Dec 4, 2007, at 4:46 AM, Andreas Yiotis wrote:


	I am pretty sure that the HD is OK but I decided to replace it

	and reinstall rocks using mem=1024M, which I found in the


	I am not sure what me=1024M stands for but the cluster now seems



	Thanks for your help.





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	On Nov 30, 2007 1:23 AM, Andreas Yiotis
<yiotis at ipta.demokritos.gr>



		I have just installed rocks 4.3 on a pc with an ASUS


		CPU E6750 at 1333FSB and 2GB RAM at 667Mhz.




		My frontend appear to be working OK for some hours when
I get a


		Message "Journal commit I/O error" and it practically


			From that point on I can issue commands at the
command prompt


		But I get a message "Input/Output Error" (i.e. when I
write fdisk) or

		"Command not found" (i.e. when I write vi).




		I suspect it has to do with the HD which is a SATA 500GB
WD or with


		Nvidia 430 controller.


	it sounds like a bad disk.


	what is the output of:


	    # dmesg


	 - gb


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