[Rocks-Discuss] Octave MPITB on my Rock cluster

gentur widyaputra gentur.wp at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 09:49:59 PST 2007

Hello, my name is gentur. I am college student at Electrical
engineering gadjah mada university.
My lecturer ask me to run octave appliaction on cluster so the process
within octave will be processed as parallel. This is what i am doing.
1. Download octave at
    I use 2.1.73 because it is the only one which successfully
installed on my rock.
2. Download MPITB for octave at
3. make a user and syncronize it with other nodes.
4. extract and install octave under /home/<user> with this option
    #./configure --enable-shared --enable-static --enable-dl
    #make install
    May be you will get some warnings. Ignore that warnings. If you
want clean installation
    you should install all dependencies needed by octave.
5. Export lam path and lam library:
    make a file lam.sh in /etc/profile.d
    #vi /etc/profile.d/lam.sh
    write in that file:
    after that, change lam.sh permision
    #chmod 755 /etc/profile.d/lam.sh
    all executuable file which environment variable inside in
directory /etc/profile.d are exported at boot time.
6. Export octave path
    this operation is similiar with step 5, but DONT export the octave
PATH in /home/<user>/octave/bin because this directory is not mounted
at boot time.
    The actual home directory is in /export/home. So, set the
7. Extract mpitb in octave prefix (/home/<user>/octave).
   $tar -xzvf mpitb-FC3-OCT2169-LAM711.tgz
8. create a simbolic link in octave prefix.
   $ln -s mpitb/startups/startup_MPITB.m .
9. create a .octaverc in octave prefix
   $vi .octaverc
    write this following line
    % MPI Toolbox startup M-file, if it exists.
                if exist('startup_MPITB.m','file')
10. edit lam-bhost.def with name of your compute node.
11. Run lam
     $lamboot -v
12. run octave under octave prefix
13. try MPI_Init

Well thats all. Sorry for my bad english :p .

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