[Rocks-Discuss] Lost boot partition

Paul Mitchell pmitchel at email.unc.edu
Mon Sep 11 09:26:51 PDT 2006

  We had a power-failure today in our machine room which brought th eentire 
bioportal up and down - all save one machine.  When I managed to get onto 
the Dell Remote Switch and access it, it was at the Hit F1 to continue F2 
to enter setup stage. I selected F1 and, unfortunately, it started 
anaconda and shooting-a-node.  I stopped it ASAP, but it appears either 
the power-failure or my inadvertant shooting has removed the boot 

We could shoot-the-node and begin restoring from backups (tivoli), 
unfortunately, this was a highly configured experimental machine for 
running workflows, and it's a lengthy process any way we look at it 
(either restoring from backup or re-installing the utilities).

I'm wondering if there's a method for recovering the lost boot partition?

It was running ROCKS 3.2.0, and the linux was 2.4.21-15.Elsmp (most 
probably, looking at another node in the cluster).  I've tried booting 
with a floppy containing a downloaded gpart for linux but it doesn't seem 
to work.

Anyone have any odeas before I shoot the node?

Paul Mitchell

 	Paul Mitchell
 	email: pmitchel at email.unc.edu
 	phone: (919) 962-9778
 	office: I have an office, room 14, Phillips Hall

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