[Rocks-Discuss]eth device change

Jeffrey C. Keller jck7765 at cs.rit.edu
Fri Jan 23 06:47:03 PST 2004

The easiest way would probably be to disable the fast ethernet device so 
that the startup process for Rocks assigns eth0 to the gigabit 
interface.  The interface assignments on the frontend can be changed 
easily after the install process via reordering the interfaces in the 
/etc/modules.conf file (beware of any HWADDR lines in the 

All of this does of course assume that you will be putting *all* traffic 
over the gigabit network.  It is very possible to separate different 
types of traffic over two networks (say, save the gigabit for MPI traffic.)



Kennie Cruz wrote:

>I want to install Rocks 3.1.0 on 8 Itanium2 nodes. I already installed the 
>frontend. All the nodes have two ethernet devices, 1 Fast Ethernet and 1 
>When I boot the node (installation process) it asks for an IP using eth0, 
>which is the Fast Ethernet device.
>Is there a way to change the node profile of Rocks to use eth1 (gigabit 
>interface) in place of eth0?
>Thanks in advance.

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