[Rocks-Discuss]qstat error

Mason J. Katz mjk at sdsc.edu
Mon Nov 4 09:50:30 PST 2002

This is a Beta-Bug!  SGE has its own command called qstat and it 
appears in your path before the PBS executable.  I believe the qstat 
you want is in /usr/apps/pbs/bin/.  This will be fixed in the release.  


On Monday, November 4, 2002, at 09:36  AM, Marco Imparato wrote:

> hello
> I have installed rocks 2.3.
> I need same more help with pbs.
> I got the following error when i use this command:
> qstat -f
> unable to contact qmaster via "localhost" commd using port 5890 
> (servive
> "sge_commd")
> help me
> thanks

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